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There is no such thing as a network without worries, as much as we would like to promise you.
Unfortunately it is virtually impossible.  What we can promise you is that we can assist you with all your problems. You can be assured that you have acquired a reliable party and with 24 years of existence, we have managed to build a strong customer base. Our experienced and specialized staff is happy to help you. We offer Remote support to our business customers and, if desired, can monitor your network for common problems. Through a combination of active maintenance remotely and at your location, and through advice and guidance, we proactively ensure that problems in both your network and your systems are prevented.   

We also offer backup solutions from Sophios  at attractive rates.
For more information, see your online backup


In the event of a cyber attack, the damage can amount to tens of thousands of euros. This includes research costs, costs for restoring files and compensation for damage.

For whom is a cyber-crime investigation important?

We believe that any company that is more or less dependent on automation or data is exposed to cyber risks. For example, consider a:

  • Transport company that is dependent on ICT for its planning and new assignments;

  • General practitioner who possesses personal data of patients and may also exchange them;

  • Wholesale that relies on its ICT for its orders and stock management;

  • Webshop, especially if the customer leaves payment details;

  • Farmers: the stables are now completely  automated.

Small entrepreneurs who use their computers exclusively for administrative purposes are at the least risk. Think of a self-employed person in construction who uses his computer for invoicing. Yet this target group is important. Because this computer is often used for private purposes, the risk of infection by malware or viruses is high. Good protection is therefore necessary.

Tips to Prevent Cyber-Crime.

Unfortunately, digital security cannot be guaranteed. You can take measures to minimize the chance of becoming a victim of cybercrime:

  • Make sure your computer is properly secured and install updates as soon as they become available

  • Use a virus scanner, firewall, script blockers (apps that stop scripts that may contain a virus)

  • Use a strong password - for example a long passphrase -. This is easy for you to remember and difficult for criminals to figure out.
    You can find more information about this, for example,

  • Don't just click on a link in your email or browser

  • Check the sender's email address to see if it matches your contact details.

  • Never give out your login details

  • In the event of a divorce (work or private) you must also divorce digitally: reset passwords and disconnect any shared email addresses and cloud accounts

  • Regularly back up your valuable files (e.g. photos, videos, documents, etc.).


For more information or if you would like to map your cyber risks, please contact usContact contact your advisor,
A.Decompress   078-6179222

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